Gravity Coaster: The Excitement of Skiing In All Seasons!

Introducing the world’s most exciting and unique slope-carving machine. Gravity Coasters are the only off-road sports craft to combine the lean-to-turn sensation of slalom racing with the dynamic ride experience of a mountain bike.

This three-wheeled cart captures the imagination and keeps riders coming back for more. Gravity Coasters are designed to lean with the rider, shifting the center of gravity to the inside of the turn to soar down grassy slopes, or race down dirt roads. High-quality features, such as seat suspension, and hydraulic brakes on all three wheels, give this coaster a rich performance feel, appealing to riders from all backgrounds and experience levels. Now available with fat tires.

MSRP: 2,950.00 Euro Each. Ask about our generous fleet discounts!


Gravity Coasters and Rollers are handmade in the EU, using CAD/CAM manufacturing technology, and the highest quality materials and components. Our gravity vehicles are built for heavy use and low maintenance, with the ability to keep riders excited and engaged, run after run.


Gravity Roller: A Full Suspension Twist on a Classic

Love Dirt Scoots and Monster Rollers? Enjoy the experience in a whole new way with front and rear suspension. This elegant new design allows riders to conquer more diverse terrain and take full advantage of green slopes and rocky trails.

Gravity Rollers are serious fun and solid earners in the rental market. This tested design is constructed in the EU from high-quality materials and components, ensuring its durability under heavy use. Built to be better, stronger, and more agile than rollers currently on the market, this is a next generation step-up that offers fresh geometry and an entirely new ride in a familiar and rental-friendly form. Now with optional seat tower.

MSRP: 1999.00 Euro Each. Ask about our generous fleet discounts!

Front Hydraulic Brake Provides secure and even braking
Rear Hydraulic Brake Provides secure and even braking
Performance enhancing geometry Designed for stability on steep terrain.
Unique Progressive Linkage Suspension Handles small impacts with maximum comfort and takes big hits without bottoming out.
Elongated Foot Platform The longest standing platform on a Roller product, providing rear-biased weight distribution for better downhill performance.

An Investment
Opportunity For Ski Areas

A Gravity Coaster fleet will create attention on its own or add value to existing rental attractions by drawing in a wider range of visitors. Its exotic sport styling inspires curiosity, and the lure of its one-of-a-kind ride is difficult to resist. Our fans include younger riders, families, couples, elderly riders and thrill seekers.

Gravity Rollers offer a unique new twist on a proven rental favorite. Add to your existing fleet of Rollers or build a new one offering full suspension and improved downhill geometry to keep your visitors engaged in all-season fun.